Episode 72: An alcohol or porn addiction is undermining your connection

Dare to revisit some of your biggest blunders or crazy arguments in your relationship. Did any occur when one or both of you were under the influence of alcohol? Have you or your partner ever been busted watching porn and what was the reaction?

Welcome to Part 8 of the Top 10 Worst Relationship Mistakes

Episode 71: You've overlooked the pandemic's psychological scars
I’m not one to encourage peering into life’s revision mirror for too long, however it is worth giving yourself some recognition for making it through the recent years we have endured but let’s take a look at yourself and check 
if you have  overlooked any lingering effect on your mental health and how you now show up in your relationship?

Welcome to Part 7 of the Top 10 Worst Relationship Mistakes

Episode 70:  Your relationship is at the bottom of your list
Take out today’s to-do list and scan it for where the people you care most about are listed.
Not there?

I agree with you. Your wife, husband, partner, children, grandparents, grandchildren and bestie don’t need to go on the list as they’re always there.
But are they?

Welcome to Part 6 of the Top 10 Worst Relationship Mistakes

Episode 69: Happy Valentine's Year
Have the recent bizarre years extinguished your energy for passion and romance? You wouldn’t be the only one to have found yourself suffering from a bad case of “flat-mate syndrome”. 
Valentine’s Day is the perfect cue to invigorate your relationship with these strategies for the whole year to get that head-over-heels feeling back in your relationship. Don't just leave it at one day.
Episode 68: When the common denominator in conflict is...YOU!

Confronting, right? Rarely do we have the headspace to point the finger at ourselves when it comes to arguments with our partners. I'll explain why the theme of "self" is so important. You may actually quite like my idea!

Welcome to Part 5 of the Top 10 Worst Relationship Mistakes
Episode 67: Jealousy is a curse

The most well-known form of jealousy is the sense of rivalry and suspicion. The unpleasant apprehension of infidelity. Tune in to learn what I commonly notice amongst couples I work with that really unravels them.

Welcome to Part 4 of the Top 10 Worst Relationship Mistakes

Episode 66: Your communication lacks meaning.
Jane and Mark are great communicators. Their lifestyle is organised, structured and fun for their four children all under 14 years old.  Why were they then in my counselling room? 

Welcome to Part 3 of the Top 10 Worst Relationship Mistakes
Episode 65: When you allow your partner’s past to be your present
Have you ever struggled to comprehend or accept your partner’s previous life before you? Maybe they can’t handle your horrible histories?

 Welcome to Part 2 of my Top 10 Worst Relationship Mistakes Series. 
Episode 64: #1 of the Top 10 Worst Relationship Mistakes

Welcome to the “Top 10 Worst Relationship Mistakes” series as noticed in the counselling room. You are welcome to enjoy this also from personal experience as a married relationship therapist who is living and breathing the wondrous relationship reality!
Episode 63: When intimacy wanes - Part Two
It is so normal for intimacy levels to wax and wane throughout life’s challenges that involve lack of sleep throughout parenting, illness, stress and uncertainty during a pandemic. Enjoy the more specific how to's when overcoming a lack of intimacy in your relationship. What can you do to rebuild intimacy?
Episode 62: When intimacy wanes - Part One
This week is a comprehensive approach to this very important topic that could well improve your own mental health so tune in for the Top 5 common snags that cause intimacy to fade are and my Top 10 Tips on what you can do about it.
Episode 61: How can I ever trust my partner again?
“Why did she go to great lengths to lie to me for so long?” “How could he not have considered the horrific consequences?” “Do leopards change their spots?”
…. All valid and heart wrenching questions when trust is broken.
Episode 60: The torment when you and your partner have a vastly different work ethic
Are you married to “Lazy bones, “Good-for-nothing Gladys” or “Layabout Larry”?
Episode 59: When your partner undermines you with friends or family
When your partner undermines you with friends and family. Listen in for examples of when this common snag occurs and what you can do about it.

Episode 58: The humiliation when your partner puts you down in front of others
Join me as I discuss how I worked in the Counselling room with Vanessa and Brad and how they overcame this common but disastrous snag for many couples.

Episode 57: A lonely relationship features the inability to share our fears and faults
Hear about the common topics we hide in our relationship and one major point not to overlook at the end!

Episode 56:  Why won't my partner cuddle me?
Deep love is when your spouse expresses affection how you long for it and not what they need. Listen in for my very rewarding experience with Freida and Fred.
Episode 55: Where to start when your conflict results in days of silence and isolation
Feeling trapped in isolation and loneliness from days of conflict is exhausting. Here's where to start...
Episode 54: Lack of united goals and dreams = lack of emotional security
Join me as I discuss Jan and Phil and what we did about their situation to haul them rapidly back toward a loving, intimate connection based on alignment
Episode 53:  Your relationship is not right when you can't enjoy being accepted as your true self
What to do when your relationship makes you feel a lot less than the best version of you.

Episode 52: When you can't confide in your partner and trust is lost
Aside from the irritating parts of a relationship that include picking up someone else’s putrid socks, blocking out roaring snoring noises and having to share the TV remote… etc one great aspect of a relationship is the safety of your cosy bubble of love. What about when this is missing too?
Episode 51: When you don't receive the support you need in your relationship....
You started out so strong! Fast forward>>> a few years later and children then you become passing ships in the night. Enjoy my ideas on how to receive the meaningful support you need in your relationship. 
Episode 50: When your relationship has you feeling emotionally unsafe
Is your partner your number one fan? We want to know that our intimate partner is our go-to person and that you are there for them.  What happens when you don't have this and what does that mean for you?
Episode 49: Three relationship boredom busters
There is a myriad of reasons for relationships to run off track. The main derailers to relationship bliss are inevitably unveiled by the same root causes. 
Episode 48: You’re not alone if you feel alone in your relationship
Ever suffer from loneliness in your relationship?
If so, be assured you’re not alone feeling alone in your relationship.
Tune in as out outline some strategies to combat the three main causes: Soapies, Screens and Schedules. 
Episode 47: Relationship Myth Busters
February is LOVE month for many, except for those disappointed by unrealistic expectations or if you're single! As featured in Australian Woman's Day magazine, listen in as I bust a few myths about relationships and take a different perspective on how to level up your relationship skills.
Episode 46: 12 Days of Christmas Relationship Revivers
Christmas time is approaching! Here are my themes of major relationship challenges I notice each year so you can avoid them. It is a time of love, of compassion, of togetherness … and often, of barely constrained arguments. 
Episode 45:  Top money derailers for relationships
There is a myriad of reasons for relationships to run off track. The main derailers to relationship bliss are inevitably unveiled by the same root causes. 
Episode 44: The 80/20 Rule Reigns In The Counselling Room
From where I sit, the 80/20 rule reigns even in the Counselling room! 20% of relationship issues account for 80% of the angst. Find out what they are.
Episode 43: Four Things I’ve Learnt As a Marriage Therapist in 2020
As we continue to experience the symptoms from uncertainty and change, listen in for the four things I’ve learnt as a marriage therapist during 2020.
Episode 42:  A Touch Of Sadness
 We thrive on touch. The way we are touched can have a lifelong impact - good and bad. Join me in the episode as I contemplate the power of touch and changing with the times of the transition of the printed to digital newspapers!
Episode 41: Celebrating men!
Men's Health Week is a great opportunity to celebrate our mosaic brains and the incredible, uniqueness of the masculine and feminine tendencies found in all blokes – some weighted in more areas than others. 
Episode 40: How do you rate on the change scale?
How would you rate yourself on the “change scale”? Revel, avoid or somewhere open to it and in between? Find out more on the struggles presented in the counselling room and how you can approach the challenge of change.
Episode 39: Winter Intimacy Revival Techniques
You may have started the year with the intention to give your relationship another big shot and rekindle the connection, then found it further strained throughout social isolation. As we approach mid-year, maybe you’re both on the downward spiral and bogged down.
Episode 38:  The one word that can save relationships
"I haven't spoken to the mother-in-law for six months now ... apparently, it's rude to interrupt.” chuckled one of my clients recently. The focus is mothers-in-law as we contemplate Mother’s Day for May.
Episode 37: Physical Distancing and Pornography
Does social distancing translate to a greater use of pornography? Many people do ask me if pornography is a contributing cause to the demise of relationships? 
Episode 36: Physical Distancing and Cyber Boundaries
It seems distancing and increased downtime for many equates to more screen time.  I have some excellent prompts and topics for you to discuss with your spouse and family.
Episode 35: Stockpiling Relationship Resources Part Three - The Power of Touch, Fur and Feathers
You'll appreciate my ideas on alleviating loneliness during physical distancing (not social isolation).
Episode 34:  Stockpiling Relationship Solutions During the Pandemic Part Two - How To Cope with My Partner and Family during Social Distancing
The sound of crickets are chirping except for the tap of your keyboard or phone, working from home... wait there's more!
Episode 33: Stockpiling Relationship Solutions during a Pandemic - Part One
Tune in to the first of my new series, "Stockpiling Relationship Solutions". How do you cope with the unknown? What behaviours do those of you in a relationship find your partner exhibit when fearful? 
Episode 32: Signs you’ve lost yourself in your relationship
In these unprecedented times of a pandemic with terrifying updates bombarded so easily accessible to our hand-held devices at lightning speed. More than ever do we need to count on others for a sense of safety.
Episode 31: Naked to the soul
It's a wrap for my Inhibitors to Intimacy series with this beautiful term, Naked to the Soul". It blends beautifully with explaining one of those main blocks to the love your crave and deserve.

Episode 30: What does a Leap Year have to do with Intimacy?
As it turns out - quite a lot!
Find out why in this article as part of my "Inhibitors to Intimacy" series.
Episode 29: 9 Mind Management strategies for FEAR
Fear of rejection is our one greatest fear (according to me!) as part of my first series for 2020 - "Intimacy Inhibitors". Listen to my 9 Hot Tips for mind managing fear. With repetition and consistency, anyone can do this.
Episode 28: Our one biggest fear...
So many things frighten the heck out of us. Join me for my take on the biggie! Our one greatest fear as part of my first series for 2020 - "Intimacy Inhibitors".
Episode 27: The one word that undoes not just Valentine’s Day
Tune in to hear that one word that all too often unravels couples in my Intimacy Inhibitors Series from my weekly relationships column in the Sunshine Coast Daily.
Episode 26: Are you an anxious or avoidant partner?
Enjoy the start of my new series, "Intimacy Inhibitors" which will include some Valentines Day thoughts and tips. Up first is the insightful concept of checking your antennae frequency in your relationship.
Episode 25: Prospering at work and in love in 2020
Enjoy my power couple in this trail-blazing series of inspiring women their success alongside an amazing, supportive partner. Introducing Amanda and Mark Yeates.

Episode 24:   Love is in the airways inspiring you for Christmas
Congratulations on surviving the first week of December! Hold on tight as it’s usually a jam-packed month of frivolity, well-meaning friends and family keen to catch up all at once. You might be experiencing the accompanying stressful work pressures like no other time of the year?
Episode 23:Trail-blazing couples inspiring us for the Festive season
November and December bring an awfully fun frenzy along with varied stressful pressures like no other time of the year. For this reason, I’ve researched a series of admirable trail blazing couples on the Sunshine Coast to inspire us with how they manage to stay cohesive and most importantly, sane!

Episode 22:   Found yourself caught in the twin vanities and the QPL? with Dr Hugh Mackay
Part Three of our interview with the incredible Dr Hugh Mackay and his fascinating acronym of the QPL! What an honour to share his insight and I know you'll note his findings make perfect sense!
Episode 21:  Help spread the love says Dr Hugh Mackay
Part Two of this series is highlighting the insight and wisdom from Dr Hugh Mackay who is actively promoting the concept of a "social prescription" to alleviating the current epidemic of anxiety and depression.  
Episode 20:  A thought provoking solution to anxiety with Dr Hugh Mackay
An honour to reveal the insightful and thought provoking work of the esteemed Dr Hugh Mackay, a social researcher and bestselling author. I love his observations and thoughts on a compassionate society.
Episode 19: Repression versus expression in relationships
I reveal the most common reason couples seek relationship therapy, capturing an important feature of substandard connections and how I approach this.
Episode 18:  Was It Love? with Heidi Latcham of Married At First Sight
Featuring an interview with our very own Sunshine Coast local  who bravely sought to learn as much as she could about herself and relationships on national TV in the pursuit of love on reality show, Married At First Sight. 
Episode 17:  Where did you seek comfort as a child?
As we prepare for recognising Mental Health Week in Australia, I pose some though provoking questions about who you turned to as you grew up that could well explain your mental well-being today.
Episode 16:  Why your relationship is like riding a bike...
There absolutely are awesome ways to catch your creaky, rusty type of a relationship that’s hurtling out of control. Join me in learning how and why it’s never too late to begin!
Episode 15:Why don't women seek sexual intimacy as much as men?
Does this question ring true in your relationship? Maybe it's the opposite? Welcome to the final column of this five part series on my attempt at stepping into the boots of blokes in a relationship with a woman.

Episode 14:  Men ask me why do women interpret the worst of what we are saying?
Contemplating the lens through which women will hear their man and the HOW they’re trying to say it is important.
Episode 13:  When she sees puce and he sees brown
Some wonderful insight from Dr Caroline Leaf who helps answer a question from a bloke in this series when I step into the boots of a man in relationship with a woman. Why is it so frustrating for a man to be questioned on what colour should we choose? 
Episode 12:  Why do women find men’s lack of communication so troubling?
This episode features community male contributions to the challenges of being a bloke in a relationship with a woman!
Episode 11: Stepping into the boots of blokes in relationships
My courageous attempt to step into the world of a man navigating the world of relationships.
Episode 10:  What is phubbing and why we all need to stop!
A common challenge for couples and families. I know you’ll find my tips useful and could even generate your own solutions for your household.
Episode 9:  2019 Parenting challenges
Two parenting questions I commonly collaborate with couples on. Here are my ideas for hectic parents often working away and differing parenting styles.
Episode 8:  How does playing team sport enhance your relationship skills?
As requested by the Sunshine Coast Daily, here’s my contribution to how team sport enhances your relationship skills. This is what I learnt...
Episode 7:  Nurturing children through parental separation
This hot topic is one I’m frequently asked about. Listen for those 4 most commonly asked questions on how to protect and manage children through this often challenging change.
Episode 6:  Baby Brain is not a thing!
I’ve relied on this excuse for so many years and shockingly bought into a cultural misconception! Enjoy part two of our interview with neuroscientist, Dr Sarah McKay on the wondrous facts of the female brain.
Episode 5:  Flipping the lid on mysteries of the female brain!
Featuring an exciting interview on myth busting topics around females and unveiling the mysteries of women’s brains with neuroscientist, Tedx presenter and author Dr Sarah McKay.
Episode 4:  Love and light up your brain
Learn how to light up the reward centres of your brain. Sharing and playing nicely as a child sets you up for success! How does altruism affect your brain and endless possibilities for subsequent health in the future.
Episode 3:  How to evict depression and anxiety with neuropsychologist Dr John Arden
Part Two features a handy acronym designed to sow seeds of happiness into your lifestyle.
Episode 2:  Love is the answer! with Dr John Arden, neurosychologist
Enjoy my surprising takeaway from the International Conference of Applied Neuroscience in Sydney. I’m featuring Part One of a fascinating interview with author and Neuro Psychologist, Dr John Arden.
Episode 1: Relationships make us healthy, happier and extend your life! Enjoy my strategies to navigating love...
One awesome strategy to swapping out your worst time to your best. I can’t wait to share it with you!
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